‘Borstvoeding & meer’ is a practice for ‘Breastfeeding & more’ in and around the city of Utrecht.

On this page we will briefly introduce ourselves and the different kind of consultations Borstvoeding & meer has to offer. Feel free to contact us for more extensive information.

Mirjam; the lady behind Borstvoeding & meer.

Mirjam  has worked as a midwife for over 10 years. In 2012 she qualified as an International Board certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). She loves the beauty of every pregnancy and every mother-baby situation, because every one of them is special. She really enjoys getting to the bottom of complicated breastfeeding situations and thrives when a mother and baby grow in their own particular ways. She is also a trained babymassage- and babywearing consultant.

As you can see at our page, we work in a team! I proudly present my colleagues at: "over ons".

As Borstvoeding & meer we always try to find a solution that suits the family we’re helping: what’s good for all of you? We like to think in challenges rather than problems and over the years we’ve found out that there is a great ‘grey area’ between breastfeeding and powdered milk.

So, when can Borstvoeding & meer help you?

A Lactation Consultant is trained to help mothers and baby's in the breastfeeding process with a wide range of problems, e.g.: 
- Mastitis
- Too much or too little milk
- Too little growth
- Latching or sucking problems 
- (Inexplicable) pain
- Breastoperations
- Making a plan before your baby is born

But we also help families with the breastfeeding process when there are no pathological problems with mother or baby. For example:
- Comfortable ways to breastfeed baby
- Too much or too little milk 
- Insecurity (is there enough? Is this normal?)
- Baby's rhythm and behaviour
- Getting back to work

We’re always happy to talk with your healthcare adviser, doctor or maternity care giver (kraamzorg/ midwife).

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Prenatal Breastfeeding courses

Every month we organize one-night breastfeeding courses, for you to attend (with your partner), check 'Masterclasses'. Those nights/mornings are all in Dutch. Mireille is also willing to help you in a prenatal consultation at home, to give you the most important information in English. This is a "basisconsult " and is not covered in your health insurance.


There are several scenario's in which you and your baby together is not entirely enough to have a happy breastfed baby and a happy mum. In these scenario's, especially when occurring during the first couple of weeks after birth, you might need a powerful breast pump to help you through. We have the Ardo Carum for rent for those occasions. If you're further on in your breastfeeding adventure, you could also buy Ardo Calypso pumps from us. 
Besides pumps we also have babyscales for rent in case the growth of your baby needs to be monitored.


Would you like to get out of the house and could you use some information or advice, want to try feeding in public or just would like to see some people, visit our Mamacafé. You're very welcome to come and join us in the Yoghurt Barn, every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month between 10.00 and 11.30. At least one of us will be there for you. 

Vinkenburgstraat 51, opposite the Neudeflat.

What are the costs?

·         All-in breastfeeding consultation: € 130,- This includes a visit of 1 hr,  plus elaborate email report and 2 phone appointments (or email/whatsapp) in the week following the consultation.

·         Basic consultation: € 90,- This includes a visit of 1 hr.

·         Follow up care: € 30,- This includes 2 phone appointments (or email/whatsapp), following an all-in or basic consultation.

·         Phone consultation: € 15,- (basic costs)

·         Email consultation: € 25,-

Additional price information

- We will come to you for consultations, so there is no traveling for you.
- Within Utrecht city we do this for free, outside (e.g. Leidsche Rijn, Maarssen, Nieuwegein) we charge a one way fee measured from postal code 3561 TA Utrecht: €0,50 per km

- Surcharges: In the evenings (after 6 p.m.) and during the week-end (Saturday and Sunday) the consultation costs will be 25% higher. During official public holidays (Christmas days, 31 december, 1 january, King's day, Easter days, Ascension day, Pentecost days) the surcharge is 30%.
- Cancellations within 24 hours before the start of the consultation: half the consultation fee will be charged.


If you have a Dutch additional health insurance, you might want to find out what their policy is on lactational care. Part or all of the cost may be covered.